Customer Service Quotes to Get You Going Again

Angry man yelling in phone

“Thanks for NOTHING!!”

BANG! The distinct sound of a telephone horn being thrown down abruptly ended the conversation I had with my customer.

It made me feel bad. Even though I had done everything in my power to help him with the issues he had. But sometimes you just can’t help a customer, no matter how badly you want to.

If helping others is in your DNA, something like this can drain all energy out of you.

We are not Energizer Bunnies

We are human beings who need to recharge from time to time. When you feel drained, you are less equipped to help the next customer. And the next.

So the risk of not satisfying them as well is very real, turning this into a vicious cycle where you’ll feel less and less motivated to keep going.

How do you keep going?

Motivation is not a given. Even the best motivated people need to fuel that motor. Motivation needs constant feeding and nurturing, otherwise your  motor will simply die on you.

And then you need a big jolt to get going again.

These quotes are like bolts of lightning

I found that these quotes on customer service really help to pick yourself up, and answer those nagging questions that seem to pop up whenever motivation is low…

  • Why bother? What’s in it for me?
  • Where is this going?
  • What should I do?

Tough questions. But others have answered these questions far better than I ever could have.

Why bother? What’s in it for me?

In business you get what you want
by giving other people what they want.

This is so true! Not just in business, but in life as well. Giving others what they want will help you get what you want. And I’ve yet to come across a customer who doesn’t love to be treated well.

Customer service can be the one thing that makes you and your business stand out from the crowd…

Being on par in terms of price and quality
only gets you into the game.
Service wins the game.

Do what you do so well
that they will want to see it again
and bring their friends.

Unfortunately, the other way around is equally true…

Although your customers won’t love you
if you give bad service, your competitors will.

If we don’t take care of our customers,
someone else will.

That’s why they say…

The Customer is King.

Ultimately, your customer pays the bills, and your salary. Without customers, there is no business. And no job. And if the business does well, you can get so many customers that you can focus on those that you like, while getting rid of those that drain you.

Then you can open yourself up towards the biggest reward:

One of the deep secrets of life is
that all that is really worth doing
is what we do for others.

Where is this going?

I don’t have a crystal ball to see in the future. But I do see where it should be going...

The goal as a company is to have customer service
that is not just the best, but legendary.

Quality in a service or product is not what you put into it.
It is what the client or customer gets out of it.

It’s about the customer, always.

What should I do to achieve that?

My father in law knows…

Give trust, and you'll get it double in return

I found that distrust of the customer (or the customer service rep) is one of the main reasons of not allowing certain solutions.

She might take advantage of you!

I’ll be honest to you; some do. But the large majority will reward you for the trust you instill in them.

Trust begets more trust. Trust grows trust.

And Nelson Boswell knows…

Here is a simple but powerful rule:
always give people more
than what they expect to get.

Give, then get. Some would call it karma. And whenever you fall short…

Customers don't expect you to be perfect.
They do expect you to fix things when they go wrong.

But whatever you do… do more! You’ll soon be in a place where you have left others behind.

People expect good service but few are willing to give it.

There are no traffic jams along the extra mile.

Words can be so powerful

I draw upon these lines every day, they keep me focused and “customer central”. And as a result, I get pumped regularly by the most energizing customer service quote of all:

“Thanks for EVERYTHING!!”

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