Customer Service Job Descriptions

If you decided to check out customer service job descriptions, good for you!

In my opinion, you're moving towards one of the most interesting work areas around. I should know, I've been working in support over 12 years now!

Unrightfully so, support jobs didn't have an all that good name in the past, being in the complaint business and all. But nowadays things are looking up!

More and more companies are realizing that a good customer support is vital to build trust with their current and future buyers. On the Internet, trust is the most valuable commodity. Without it, they lose... BIG TIME!

Succesful companies are handling customers with care. Customer care! And they are hiring folks that understand customer needs, and can act upon them, both online and off.

To better understand what a support job entails, read these customer service job descriptions closely. If you know the job, you have a better chance of landing it, right?

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OK, here we go!

Here's a compilation of what I collected over the years from my own job descriptions:

Customer Service Job Description #1

A customer support person:
  • wants to delight customers, above and beyond the call of duty
  • has intimate knowledge of the customers needs
  • has empathy for the customers situation
  • is able to communicate clearly, both written and in speach
  • talks in a way the customer can understand
  • has a "thick skin" and is able to handle complaints, even when handling unpleasant customers
  • works accurate and with eye for detail
  • handles in the best interest of both customer and company
  • is able to use automated information systems to analyse the customers situation
  • is able to suggest improvements to the various communications by the company (eg. website, FAQ, etc)
  • has a pleasant, friendly style
  • is willing to build a long-term relationship with the customer (not a "job-hopper")


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