Track It! by Numara

by Erwin Steneker

One of the more popular packages for customer service desks is Track-It Help desk software by Numara (previously Intuit).

Intuit is very well known for its Quicken® program for Personal Finance and online banking, but they have acquired Blue Ocean software Inc for Information Technology Solutions, who are offering the Track It help desk software solution.

The Untuit Track-It! suite is available in 3 versions:

* Track-It! 6.0 Single user (1 named technician, audit 25 PCs, Crystal Reports not included): $495

* Track-It! 6.0 Standard Version (5 named, audit 100 PCs, Crystal reports bundled): $995

* Track-It! 6.0 Enterprise (Standard version plus, designed for large organizations): Price unknown

And a number of add-ons:
Track-It! Alert
Provide technicians with notification and escalation capabilities using pager and email.

Track-It! Audit
Collect detailed hardware and software information from Windows 9x, NT, 2000 and XP systems.

Track-It! Audit Plus
Manage and initiate auditing from a central console for added flexibility

Track-It! Deploy
Intall and update software on every local, mobile and remote PC, laptop or server across your entire organization from one place

Track-It! KnowledgeBase
Gives instant access to thousands of problems/resolutions to leading Microsoft, Netscape, Novell, Lotus, Adobe applications.

Track-It! Mac Audit
Collect detailed hardware and software information from Apple Macintosh systems.

Track-It! Password Reset
Enable users to request or reset their passwords without technical support.

Track-It! Receive
Captures emails from applications, network management tools and end users, and automatically converts them to work orders. Additionally, users can check the status of their work orders and add additional information.

Track-It! Remote
Remotely control PCs from within Intuit Track-It!, including bi-directional file transfers and chat sessions.

Track-It! Sync
Create, edit and close work orders remotely with handheld computers

Track-It! Self Service
Give users the ability to submit work orders including attachments , view status of their work orders and messages from help desk staff, search Intuit Track-It! Solutions for self help, and perform an audit on their PC.

Track-It! Self Service Plus
Add your own problem/solution entries to the database and allow end-users to search for solutions in freeform style.

Track-It! Technician Web Web enables Track-It!

Track-It! User Synch
Integrates with Microsoft Active Directory and/or LDAP to automate population of user and technical information in Track It.

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