One Customer Service Interview Question

by Lee
(Trowbridge, England)

What's an example of good customer service in a supermarket?


Date: February 10th, 2008.

This is a question that regularly comes up in interview for customer service positions. Here, it is asked for supermarkets, but you could put in there just about any industry.

It's used to gauge your mindset towards good customer service, as well as your knowledge of the industry. So this is a customer service interview question you'd better know an answer for!

Here's what I would answer to this question:

"Good customer service starts before a customer ever comes in the store. We need to ask ourselves, did we do everything to make it a place the customer feels welcome?

"Is the store clean? Can the articles be found in logical places? Are articles in stock? Is the personnel friendly and approachable?

"There are many big and little things that can be done to make it easy for the customer to shop at the supermarket.

"And when the customer enters our store, we all need to be aware of the customers actions... if a customer looks confused, wandering through the same isles several times, it's our obligation to offer help. Not wait until they ask! Because some customers will simply give up and go to the next store! And if a customer cannot reach an article on the upper shelf, it's a given to get it for her.

"A pet peeve of mine is when isles are blocked by products and personnel when the restocking occurs. Of course, this isn't always avoidable, but being aware if an isles is navigable at all shouldn't be too hard.

"An extra bonus of this greater awareness of customers, is that we'll notice shoplifting more too. This will help to keep the prices low for the customers we do want in the store!

"I think good customer service is much more than just be helpful and smile. Everything we do here in the supermarket is a service to the customer. If we do everything in our power to make shopping at this store as easy and enjoyable as possible, I'm certain we can welcome more and more customers."

This answer not only shows a concern for the customer, how s/he feels when shopping at that store, it also addresses important issues like shoplifting, that are on every supermarket owner's mind. And it ends with a promise for the future... increasing amounts of customers. Now, if that isn't music to their ears, I don't know what!

Now, I would like to know what you would answer to this question. Any points you'd like to add? Interesting twists for other industries?

Speak up! :-D

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Feb 23, 2008
Good Customer Service
by: Ally

Good Customer Service is the service we offer our Customers that excites them.

As similar or same products can be purchased from many different Supermarkets, a "difference" in Supers needs to be created.

The Customer should'nt feel that they have to shop with you. They should feel that they "want" to shop with you and spend their hard earned money in your till points.

This difference is not always related to price, because whilst one product is cheaper at your store than another, the overall basket value could be pretty similar.

The shopping excursion should be a pleasurable event. From the time they park in the parking lot, collect their CLEAN shopping trolleys, and enter your stores, they should experience the "event". The store should be clean, product on the shelf, easity accessibility to aisles, friendly staff that great in every aisle. Staff that talk to the customers children. Some form of activity for the children - a Clown, Superhero walking around the store, having a chat and welcoming them to the store (these are future shoppers).

Any queries the customer has on the shop floor, answered as quickly and informative as possible. Managers in view of the customers. Fresh product on the shelves.

Staff at the Checkouts friendly and open to the customer. When the customer pays, staff should read the name on the credit card and address the customer by name.

I often run Win and Spin competitions, where the customer paying at a certain Checkout nr (when drawn - lucky draw) wins something for nothing. It makes them feel special and everyone loves getting something for nothing. A bar of Choc, or bottle of Wine really goes down well.

Greeting the customer when they enter the store is important, but saying goodbye and thanking them for their patronage goes down exceptionally well.

When the mundane of housework or the stress from the day at the office is too much to cope with, the customers need to feel special when stopping in to do some shopping. They will frequent the Supermarket more often and will be extremly loyal.

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