A Customer Service Resume Example

Here's a customer service resume example for you!  

If you're in the middle of a customer service job hunt (or planning to go on one), you need to have a good resume that helps you to shine!  

Because the better you look, the more chance they want you for the job, and the better they will want to pay you for it. After all, if the employer you target sees your value, it makes it easier for them put a dollar value on it!  

So I asked my good friend Carla Vaughan (Resume expert and author of the highly acclaimed step-by-step guide "How to Write a Professional Resume") if she could create a customer service resume example especially for you. And she did!

How to write a professional resume -- Carla VaughanThe Definitive Guide about Resumes.

I've experienced first-hand the power of the resumes you can create with Carla Vaughan's excellent advice, which was groomed in over 20 years of experience.

I can only say that you cannot afford to skip it. And I'm not just saying it as Carla's friend, but also as a believer! (You'll be one soon, too!) I can't speak highly enough about it!

If your serious about landing a new job, you need to get the unfair advantage Carla's book gives you!

I really like this one, because it focuses on how you qualify for the job. Not starting with half a page of dull contact and personal info, but why you qualify, what you have accomplished (most recent first) and then some more information on education.  

I used this very format for my own, and it landed me an interview within a day! The interviewer even noted that it conveyed the individuality of the prospect! (Yes, that prospect was me).  

So I guess Carla did a pretty good job!

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Now, this format worked very well for me, but it isn't necessarily the best choice in your situation. Because it's only an example, you know. There has been no effort to make it fit for your situation.

So if you're really serious about your job hunt, I can only advice you to stop searching for other resume examples, and start working on your resume.

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