Customer Service Job Description

I got the following customer service job description from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2002-03 Edition.

Customer Service Representative

Customer service representatives interact with customers to provide information in response to inquires about products and services. They also handle and resolve customer's complaints. Some customer service representatives assist individuals interested in opening accounts for various utilities such as electricity and gas, or for communication services such as cable television and telephone.

In many cases, they gather information by phone or in person. They receive orders for services to be installed, turned on, turned off, or changed. They may look into and resolve complaints about billings and service provided by phone, cable television, and utility companies.

Customer service representatives also may explain how to use equipment and solve any equipment problems. Others explain to users how to navigate an Internet site.

Many customer service representatives use multiline telephones, fax machines, and personal computers. Because banks are highly automated, their customer service call centers route each call to the first available representative as quickly as possible.

Insurance agencies, on the other hand, often use time-consuming searches for files and related paperwork in providing customer service.

Self-service Web sites and e-mail are providing more efficient and targeted customer service. Many companies are starting to transform conventional call centers, and e-mail has become a principal method through which to serve customers.

The challenge of providing customer service via e-mail is having enough representatives to deal with the large volume of mail.

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Customer service is critical to the success of any organization that deals with customers. Strong customer service can build sales and visibility as companies try to distinguish themselves from competitors.

Advances in technology, especially the increased use of the Internet and the expected growth in electronic commerce, should result in rapid employment growth among customer service representatives. Web sites, e-mail, and more recently, wireless communications, are proving more efficient because they provide targeted customer service.

As more business is conducted over the Internet, more customer service representatives will be needed over the next decade to answer questions, provide assistance in navigating Web sites, make product recommendations, and quickly and efficiently respond to the growing volume of e-mail.

I got this customer service job description from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Check out their page with additional information on this customer service job description


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