How customer service games can help you learn great service!

Customer service games are just like other games such as scrabble, cards, role playing or computer games. But the basic aim of this category of games is to improve a person’s customer care abilities and help him or her gain useful knowledge in the field.

Customer service games help their players deal with public in a better way and help maintain a positive attitude in their job. They offer an interesting way of acquiring and applying knowledge and are very helpful in motivating and sparking enthusiasm among the employee.

With use of techniques like debate, brainstorming and role-playing etc. you learn interactively to create rapport with the customer.

What can be learnt from customer service games?

By playing customer care games the customer service reps learn how to communicate with customers on a telephone, face to face, through a letter or an email more effectively.

These games help agents to learn how to use powerful words to convey their meanings, as well as sharpen your problem understanding and solution abilities.

Examples of Customer Care Games

Bop It

Bop It is a worth mentioning, even if it isn’t strictly a customer support game. It does help sharpen your reflexes, performance under high pressure, warm-up and team building.

“Bop-it Extreme” is basically a handled game designed for children, but this game is very challenging and entertaining for adults as well. A great game to energize the team, or warm up!

Bop-it Extreme pretty much resembles a steering wheel. When the gadget is switched on it starts giving different instructions in a robotic voice. You have to respond to the issued instructions, within a specified time indicated by a drum beat coming from the device. There are five different instructions issued by the machine i.e. bop, pull, spin, twist and flick. The game automatically speeds it up to make it more challenging. It also shows your results by telling the number of times you were right or wrong.

Deal With It

There are several good customer care games in the market. One of them is “Deal With It”. This is basically a role playing game (RPG). In this game you can assume roles in different posts in a customer care department.

The game comes with 44 point cards, 66 challenge cards, and 121 question cards, and covers over 120 scenarios involving general business. A special version of this game deals specifically in customer care, “Deal With It Help Desk Edition”. This version comes with 99 question cards to cover most of the scenarios in the customer care. The help desk edition is a useful exercise for customer care employees in call centers, banks, travel and several other industries.

Telephone role playing games

There are numerous customer care games that don’t involve purchasing any special product and can be played in a team. One example is telephone role playing games.

In such games you have to brainstorm first so that you can cover most of the important real life scenarios involving customer care. These scenarios are written on different cards which are shuffled. Each employee is then assigned to deal with the situation presented on the card.

There are three roles in a team playing this game:

  • Call maker - the customer asking a question
  • Call receiver - customer service person
  • Observer - just makes the ring sounds and observes

After a few minutes these’ roles are changed so that everyone can play all the roles. Between each session, do evaluate what happens… let the observer share his or her observations, and let the call maker and receiver share what they thought or felt during the call.

If you want to know more about customer service games, I can recommend this book as a great starter:

"The Big Book of Customer Service Training Games" by Peggy Carlaw and Vasudha K. Deming (ISBN: 978-0071357807)

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