Call Center Books Recommendations

With so much to learn about effectively running a call center, many people turn to call center books in their quest to achieve great results from their hard work.It doesn’t really matter what position you may hold within a call center company, or whether you’ll ever run a call center yourself.

Using call center books as a tool to further your career and to help you perform job duties that satisfy business needs is a great idea. Lots of information can be found in these books to help individuals become more successful, and even help you to become a call center expert if you want.

Recommended reading

call center manager

How to Become a Great Call Center Manager

Dan Cone wrote this book to help call center management do the best job they possibly can. With genuine tools available within the book like worksheets and strategy guides, How to Become a Great Call Center Manager is designed to improve the skills of team leaders, supervisor, trainers, and managers.  

contact center employees

Managing and Motivating Contact Center Employees

This book was created by multiple experts including Malcolm and Peggy Carlaw. It focuses on using tools and techniques to inspire outstanding performance from staff. Reading this book will teach you to boost morale, streamline business practices, and lead employees to outstanding call center performance.  

call center recruiting

Call Center Recruiting and New Hire Training

The book comes from a group of experts that know the difficulties of finding qualified call center talent. Filled with articles, ideas, and theories this book will put you on top of recruiting and training qualified call center agents. Techniques are shared in turning an unqualified employee into a top notch performer within a call center company.  

call center handbook 4 ed

The Call Center Handbook 4 Ed

Written by Keith Dawson, this read offers the tools to starting, running, and even improving call center business. Learn which phone switch is the best match for your call center, or how to measure the performance of call center agents. This book offers in depth knowledge to CRM, voice processing, and call center peripherals. Starting and running a call center is hard work, luckily this guide will walk you through the entire process.  

customer contact center

Navigating the Customer Contact Center in the 21st Century

William Durr puts it all on the table in this book. It will help management to fully understand and deal with technology chances in the 21st century. With so many things that change on a continuous basis, it is imperative to learn how to stay on top of the technology side of the call center business as this is crucial to company survival.  

online customer care

Online Customer Care: Strategies for Call Center Excellence

Michael Cusack saw a need to improve customer service to the point that it’s considered World class. He wrote this book detailing strategies to use when choosing to improve your customer contacts and become a call center of excellence. This book will help you to recognize emerging technologies and make your goals a reality.  

call center forecasting

Call Center Forecasting and Scheduling

Gary Barber, Brad Cleveland, and Henry Dortmans wrote this popular guide as a tool to understand and implement the principles in forecasting, staffing, scheduling, real-time reporting, and service level. When armed with the knowledge of how to successfully manage these aspects of business, more time can be spent elsewhere within the company to make improvements.  

call center operations

Call Center Operations: Profiting from Teleservices

Written by Charles E. Day, this book is aimed at helping readers conduct business more successfully and become more lucrative. The book is intended to help people throw away all the garbage, and grasp the true underlying issues of running a call center while maximizing profits.  

call center monitoring forms

Call Center Sample Monitoring Forms

Evaluating the performance of call center agents is an important part of running the business. Ann Wilner offers 64 different forms to be used in monitoring agents, all offering something slightly different from one another as to offer you at least one form that would fit with your company perfectly.  

call center culture

Building Call Center Culture

This book by Dan Owen goes beyond most management books as it captures the human element. You won’t read much about the technology side of call centers in this book, but you will learn some tough lessons in managing the human side of call centers, as Dan refers to it as “people supervision”.  

Simply reading these books won’t turn you into a guru of the call center trade, as with anything else you have to work at it and incorporate what you already know into what you learn. Of course, call center careers aren’t for everyone either.

So if you’re not cut out for the business, these books won’t shape you into what you are not.

There has to be a drive for success and change in order for many of the above mentioned guides to hold any true value for you. Before choosing a book to purchase, I suggest you perform an online comparison of sorts which will help guide you to the books that are right for you.

There are too many call center guide books to count, and because of that people sometimes choose the wrong one to get started. Reading consumer reviews is a great way to make sure a book isn’t filled with nothing but fluff and will offer what you are looking to learn. Make sure to inquire about a return policy if you decide to pick a copy of a book up at your local store, as you probably haven’t had a chance to verify if it’s what you really want or not.

The bottom line is that call center guide books can be a great tool in truly performing your job to the best of your ability, but make sure you know what you are getting into before diving in head first.


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